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IM Exercise Adaptations for Training Baseball & Softball Players

An important aspect of combining IM training with regular sports programs is identifying the unique requirements of the individual athlete’s performance through observation and analysis, then applying this knowledge to formulate a program specifically tailored to their needs. This presentation will take IM training a step further by changing and expanding existing IM exercises into sport specific, challenging exercises that meet the individual demands of softball and baseball players, which will ultimately yield better outcomes.

To personalize IM programs for athletes it is important to identify and analyze the physical, mental and environmental factors sporting athletes encounter, and then the applications involved to plan a creative sport specific IM program, that both simulates and challenges various athlete components discovered during the observation period."

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Timing of the swing in baseball and softball is vital. The bat needs to meet the ball at the proper impact point, at just the right moment. Not a moment too soon, not a moment too late. Hall of Famer, Warren Spahn, while speaking of pitching, gave great insight into the art of hitting when he made the statement, "Hitting is timing, pitching is upsetting timing." Hitting is timing! That seems too simple, or is it? Timing is just one of the training areas that Interactive Metronome® can address for softball and baseball players.

Find out how IM training can be used to improve baseball and softball timing!