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Reconnecting After Concussion: Addressing PCS with IM

These deficits often require skilled intervention to reconnect the superhighway of the brain. Basic fundamentals needed to reconnect these higher level cognitive skills include timing, synchronicity, and focus – which are also some of the fundamentals of Interactive Metronome®.

If an MRI/CT scan is normal and there was no loss of consciousness you should NOT assume there is no disruption to the brain.  Neuro-imaging techniques are insensitive to the metabolic effects of concussion. Neuro-imaging rules out more severe injury, but does not confirm or deny the presence of concussion."

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Concussions are becoming an increasingly more common part of daily life. Taller buildings and faster cars mean more devastating injuriesMilitaries face deadlier weapons with each passing year. Even our popular sports have become a delicate balancing act between safety and entertainment.

So what can we do to address the effects of our brave new world? Maintaining timing and rhythm in the chaos is essential.

Find out how IM training can change your mind about concussion treatment!